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Private Lessons

looking to take your game

to the next level

Want to find out how to fix your game's faults and implement strategies to help lower your score, hit the ball more solidly and simply better understand the game and the swing?

You wouldn’t drive a car, fly an airplane, or perform surgery unless you had the proper training, so why play the game without the proper education? Private lessons allow students to customize their learning experience and can be scheduled to fit any time frame. Stop struggling and start enjoying! Schedule a FREE consultation today and find out what instructional program is for you.

Lesson Pricing


call today

  • Lessons available by appointment with 
    Corey Crowell, PGA Professional 
    (231) 238-7011.

Private lessons

  • 1 hour lesson - $70
  • 4 lesson pack - $240
  • 10 lesson pack - $500

junior lessons

  • 1 thirty minute lesson - $30

    3 thirty minute lessons - $90